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Your gift will help make God’s love visible in closed countries through satellite TV, on‑demand‑video, social media, and more.



What our viewers are saying

You are indescribable. I hope that God will bless you with everything you wish for. He alone is able to reward you. As for me, no matter how much I thank you, I cannot repay your goodness. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart. You still teach us ethics by answering our questions, thanks. For me, you are the greatest channel I’ve ever seen."
— Mother in Morocco


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Demonstrating God’s Love for the “Least of These”, Equip People To Live Out Their Faith, Reach People With the Gospel

Given a Heart for Iran’s Women – Rozita’s Testimony »
SAT-7 PARS presenter Rozita Hovsepian shares her testimony which led her to answer a calling to...
Worship Leader Blog

Equip People To Live Out Their Faith, Reach People With the Gospel

God’s Work in Young People’s Lives Through SAT-7 TÜRK »
For SAT-7 TÜRK, engaging and supporting young Christians in their faith journey includes...


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Demonstrating God’s Love for the “Least of These”

SAT-7 programming is changing hearts by teaching viewers the biblical truth that every person is made in the image of God.

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Equip People To Live Out Their Faith

SAT-7 programs and personal follow-up offer answers and advice on how to show the love of God to others through everyday actions.

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Lifting Children & Adults From Poverty

SAT-7 educational programs help free children and adults from illiteracy and poverty and provide hope for a better life.

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Reach Kids With God's Love

SAT-7’s children’s programs are loved by kids and trusted by parents. Because they watch together, we reach both with the Gospel.

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