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Your gift will help make God’s love visible in closed countries through satellite TV, on‑demand‑video, social media, and more.



What our viewers are saying

I want to know more about Christ. What do I have to do? My parents are not Christians, and in my country, there’s no church or pastor—nothing. Could you help me? I love SAT‑7 KIDS a lot! As do a lot of my classmates. They’re also seeking to know Christ! Anyone, whether a man or woman, Saudi Arabian or not, following SAT‑7 would definitely find comfort and guidance by the songs, prayers, and programs you air. I love you and believe in the Lord Jesus. Could you please send me a reply as soon as possible?"
— Samira, Saudi Arabia


Laleh Testimony Blog
Laleh*, an Iranian viewer of SAT-7’s Persian-language channel SAT-7 PARS, recently described...
Tunisia The Gathering

Equip People To Live Out Their Faith, Reach People With the Gospel

A Christian Voice in Troubled Tunisia »
Christians in Tunisia are witnessing to their country through a new SAT-7 program filled with...


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Demonstrating God’s Love for the “Least of These”

SAT-7 programming is changing hearts by teaching viewers the biblical truth that every person is made in the image of God.

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Equip People To Live Out Their Faith

SAT-7 programs and personal follow-up offer answers and advice on how to show the love of God to others through everyday actions.

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Lifting Children & Adults From Poverty

SAT-7 educational programs help free children and adults from illiteracy and poverty and provide hope for a better life.

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Reach Kids With God's Love

SAT-7’s children’s programs are loved by kids and trusted by parents. Because they watch together, we reach both with the Gospel.

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