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In many Middle Eastern countries, families struggle with their children’s education. SAT-7 ACADEMY continues to step in to bolster Arabic-speaking children and families with new programs to support online learning joining its roster of holistic educational and parenting support shows.

“You have done in one year what others could only have done in five years,” says Haidy, a teenager who watches My School. “I started from [scratch] with you, and now I’m doing very well because of your efforts. Thank you for answering all my questions. I can never thank you enough for everything you are doing, and I pray for the teachers every day.”

The work of My School and SAT-7 ACADEMY is urgent.


Children missing school can access elementary education lessons online through My School, and the teachers continue to go live on Facebook each week to teach and support viewers. Additionally, the brand is offering new programs to support families grappling with online learning in lockdown. Follow Up, which helps parents support their children’s education, is now showing Follow up: In Their Shoes, which helps teachers, students, and parents to empathize with each other’s struggles with online learning and to better support one another.

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Social media post on SAT-7 ACADEMY aims to help parents encourage their children. In the top picture, a mother tells her son, “No! I don’t want to have to start all over again because of you!” In the bottom picture, the mother praises her son saying, “Well done! This is even better than when I’ve made it before.”

A special segment called Kids at Home also features clips of real SAT-7 KIDS viewers spending positive time at home with their families. “This is important, because many families are now in lockdown at home with their children and this segment will show healthy family values,” says Juliana Sfeir, SAT-7 ACADEMY Brand Manager.

“We get a lot of personal testimonies from viewers,” says Sfeir. “SAT-7 ACADEMY has always been a family thing, and it still is – we get approached by the parents, too.” On the counseling and personal development program The Coach, which also continues to support parents to interact with their children positively at this time of additional strain, one mother’s comment speaks volumes.

“Truly, your words challenge parents to review themselves and how they might be neglecting their children,” says Lillian. “You encourage me to love my son with unconditional love.”

Please pray:

Please pray that SAT-7 will continue throughout this period of school closures to be a lifeline for struggling families by helping meet their needs. Pray also for children, parents, and teachers during school closures; that God will draw near to them in times of strain and especially protect children who may be at risk during lockdowns.