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Christmas Joy in SAT-7’s Children’s Programs

21st December 2022

For Christian children who live in predominantly non-Christian countries, celebrating Christmas can be very difficult. SAT-7’s young viewers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will enjoy Christmas through SAT-7’s Christmas programs this month, with special episodes that teach children the joyous message of Christ’s birth.

Christmas Countdown Starts for SAT-7 TÜRK

SAT-7 TÜRK is welcoming the baby Jesus and helping children celebrate Christmas in a warm studio environment filled with colorful decorations and gifts. “Turkish children wait for this holiday with more excitement and joy than anyone else,” says Gülsüm I., Deputy Executive Director of SAT-7 TÜRK. “From December 1, we are bringing to SAT-7 TÜRK screens the surprises we have prepared for children in our Mini City program!” she continues.

In one episode, Nora Yazırlıoğlu, the program host, tells her young viewers why praying during December is important. “Praying prepares us for Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus,” she says. She shares an example prayer with them: “God, please protect all those out in the rain who have no home to stay in as I have with my parents and family. Thank you for your love at this special Christmas time. Thank you for baby Jesus.” In another episode, children learn how to design a paper Christmas tree if their parents cannot afford to buy one.

To also help children grow in their joy this Christmas, SAT-7 TÜRK will distribute nine songs on social media, including “Mary, Did You Know?” and “Silent Night.”

SAT-7 KIDS’ 15th Anniversary This Christmas

SAT-7 KIDS is sharing God’s joy and love with Arab children this Christmas and is also celebrating its 15th anniversary in December. The celebrations will include the launch of a campaign called Tomorrow is Yours, which will feature live and special pre-recorded episodes dedicated to the channel’s young viewers. These will help children enjoy the festive season to the full. The title of the campaign reflects the fact that tomorrow belongs to all the children and the young people of the MENA, who are the future of all the Arab countries.

Special Christmas programs will broadcast on SAT-7 KIDS. These include Christmas Story from Algeria, a drama in which children visit their grandmother and she tells them the real story of Christmas – Jesus, God’s gift, who came to save the world. From Egypt, a new Christmas program called The Meaning of Christmas features songs and Christian reflections.

Words of Hope From SAT-7 PARS

“This year, we will have two special episodes for Christmas,” says Parastoo Poortaheri, the presenter and producer of SAT-7 PARS’ live children’s program Hashtag. “We will emphasize the importance of Christmas, especially God’s message of love and peace.”

“Iran is currently going through extremely difficult times that are painful for everyone,” Parastoo continues. Throughout this period, children in Iran have been calling  or sending messages to SAT-7 PARS’ live programs Hashtag, Golpand, and Church4Kids, sharing their prayers for Iran  and encouraging and supporting one another. Siamak, an Iranian boy in Türkiye, recently prayed, “Oh God, save the people of Iran – save them in any way that is possible. Save them from the sins and wrongs of others and protect them in the name of Jesus.”

In this context, the good news of Christmas is a special source of hope and strength. “We want to stand with these children; we want to pray with them, comfort them, and bring joy into their lives through Christ’s message of love and hope,” Parastoo says. “Even as the Iranian people are fighting for freedom, we remind them of the freedom we have in Jesus Christ.”

Christmas on SAT-7 ARABIC

For adults, concerts, dramas, and special programs mark the Christmas season on SAT-7 ARABIC this year. There will be live music concerts such as Joy of Christmas from Bethlehem and the Number Our Days Aright Christmas concert from Egypt, as well as a special drama called “Breakthrough,” a short film presenting the story of Jesus’ birth. New Christmas shows this year include Christmas Stories and Light of Christmas, both Christian teaching programs. In addition to pre-recorded concerts such as the Ava Makary Concert and the St. Joseph Christmas Choir, SAT-7 ARABIC is broadcasting live Christmas services from Evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox churches.

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