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11th January 2024

In a place designed for punishment, a follower helped others to come to know Jesus Christ. Kiaa and her sister-in-law were active in Iran, preaching the Gospel to others, handing out Bibles, and helping non-believers learn about Christ. In a country where converting to Christianity is forbidden, these two women were arrested and given a 10-year prison sentence. 

“The security people in Iran arrested me and found the 300 Bibles and teaching books I was storing in my house.”  

Knowing that there is one true God Who can save those in her country, Kiaa continued to serve, fully aware of the consequences of her doing so. In some countries in the Middle East, Christians face persecution, and her story is no different. 

Regardless of their suffering in prison, Kiaa and her sister-in-law never stopped trying to spread the Gospel. “We suffered a great deal in prison, but the Lord used us, and during that time, several people were saved. We give thanks to the living God.” 

Kiaa continued to witness the depressed, lonely souls that she encountered in prison. Her love for Jesus overcame her fear, and she continued to educate them about the Savior. God intervened for her and her sister-in-law. “We were put in prison and initially were given 10-year prison sentences. Then they simply changed their minds and lowered our sentence to five months.”  

In the Bible, we are told the apostle Peter was imprisoned and sentenced to death. The night before his execution, an angel appeared and told him to leave the jail. A miracle happened, and his chains fell off. Peter was released, just as Kiaa and her sister-in-law were set free from prison years before their original sentence length. 

Now, Kiaa benefits from SAT-7 programming by using materials and programs to continue to learn, grow, and teach others. “Now I don’t have a Bible, and I use your material and programs. I give thanks for the living God and you.” 

*Names of viewers have been changed for security, and the image is representative.

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