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14th February 2024

When faced with a difficult marriage, it can be easy to feel hopeless. It may seem like being trapped with nowhere to go. Feeling alone in this situation can cause additional heartache, including the desire to give up. 

“As a woman, I was trapped in religion and experienced much heartache. To try and help my husband’s temper to improve and to calm him down, I used to write verses from the Quran on boxes of food and sweets, but that just made everything worse.” 

Shadi from Iran felt that she was doing all she could to help her marriage. However, there was a crucial piece of the puzzle she was missing: Jesus Christ. 

Shadi shared, “From the time I came to know the Lord, I started to pray with authority that the enemy’s influence would leave my married life and my husband would be free. I forgave and blessed him. I changed first so that he would know who my God is and experience His miracles.” 

Shadi didn’t give up on her husband or her marriage. Instead, she continues to pray for her marriage and shows forgiveness and grace, just as Jesus would do.  

She said, “Truly, we must change first and set aside our old worn-out thoughts, and instead put on the new, adorning ourselves with hope that we might see all things through the eyes of Christ.” 

Allow yourself to be exposed to Jesus’s love and love others as He would. In this way, you will experience love, grace, and forgiveness in its purest form. Share this same love with those around you, including the ones who do not yet know Jesus. 


*Names of viewers have been changed for security and image is representative.

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