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24th October 2023

As cries of hate and calls for revenge permeate the media’s coverage of the conflict in the Holy Land, a special live SAT-7 event broadcast messages of peace, unity, and faith across the region.

The two-hour show titled “The Voice of the Church in the Midst of Hardship” aired on Friday afternoon (October 20) on SAT-7 ARABIC, Facebook Live, and YouTube. It was jointly hosted by SAT-7’s Beirut and Cairo studios.

“The purpose of this event was to counter the overwhelming noise of bad news, fake news, and voices of death, pain, daily riots, and war that permeate the media today,” said Marianne Awaraji, who co-hosted the broadcast. “Instead, it aimed to amplify the voice of life, hope, and peace found only in Jesus.”

Among the many responses was a message of thanks from a viewer named Pierrette*, who said, “[SAT-7’s broadcast] is different from anything else we are seeing. It is transmitting life amidst all this death. What we need more than talking and analyzing is to pray during this time. I pray in the name of Jesus that He supports all His churches in the Holy Land and gives [them] hope in the midst of all this pain.”

Christian leaders from across the Arab World were invited to take part in the broadcast and shared special prayers and messages of encouragement. Father Fadi Jandeh, from Lebanon, said:

“I, from the depths of my heart, pray for the healing of all hearts and memories. How much are we working in the midst of this scary volcano to be free from all fear and to announce that in the end, the last word is for the Lord? Thus, we extend this invitation through our live broadcast, aspiring to be a source of blessing for one another.”

A recurring theme of the event was the importance of standing with those who are suffering and being united as believers in prayer. Referring to 1 Corinthians 12, where the Church is described as one body, Egyptian poet Dr. Shady George highlighted how “pain in one part reverberates through the entire body; so too does the Body of Christ feel the pain together.”

Pastor Amjad Khalil prayed for healing for all the wounded and broken in spirit, and for the Lord’s peace and presence to reach everyone feeling afraid.

“Overwhelming” Response

The prayers, worship songs, and messages shared during the broadcast were warmly received by viewers, especially those watching in the Holy Land. “The response from viewers was overwhelming,” Marianne said. “The WhatsApp platform was flooded with messages from people who felt a part of this gathering. They lifted prayers for their land and pleaded with God for His peace that transcends understanding.”

One of the responses from the Holy Land came from a woman called Maha*. “How comforting it is to see that everyone is standing together and praying as if we are one person,” she said. “Praying for God to stop this destruction happening against humanity, because every human is precious to the Lord… We pray for peace to reign upon the Holy Land and all Arab countries.”

Please Pray 


*Viewer names have been changed for security.



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