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New Programs for Children and Youth Coming Soon

8th February 2024

SAT-7 will release a string of new programs for children and young people across all four of the network’s channels this year. From worship songs and storytelling to lifestyle advice and intergenerational learning, our fresh content will help young viewers learn more about Jesus and how to live for Him.

On SAT-7 KIDS, the channel for children in the Arab World, My Jesus is a new discipleship program that uncovers the true character of Jesus through heartfelt worship music. It is unique as a worship program for children presented by children, featuring young guests from churches across Egypt.

In each episode, the program hosts a praise and worship team from a different church, who present hymns and reflections relating to a certain characteristic of Jesus, such as His compassion, humanity, or courage. The program’s beautiful set resembles a large wooden boat and serves as a great visual reminder of the Gospel accounts of Jesus teaching the people from a boat.

Andrew Gamal, producer of My Jesus, said: “The name of the program is about how Jesus became human and what He did when He was on earth. Jesus had feelings; He had friends; He experienced hunger and thirst and sadness; and He wept and got angry. It is normal for children to go through emotions, but they must learn to be like Christ and choose not to sin. In this program, children will be taught how they are loved by Jesus and how to have a relationship with Jesus.”

Biblical Wisdom for Youth

The new SAT-7 ARABIC youth program Catalyst, due to start airing in February, is aiming to help young people change their lives for the better. Its fast-paced, multi-segment episodes achieve this by applying the Bible’s wisdom to their everyday struggles. The content of the program has been shaped by young viewers themselves, who were invited to complete a questionnaire about what topics are of interest to them. And their views on future topics will be sought throughout the series to ensure it stays relevant to their needs.

The program’s format is highly creative: Catalyst’s presenters voyage through the desert, over the sea, and into social spaces to find each episode’s special guest, a motivator whose insight can become a catalyst for change in young viewers’ lives. One episode tackles the challenging topic of human suffering, recognizing that people often ask, “Where is God in the midst of pain?” The episode aims to take viewers beyond this question to consider the goodness and purposes of God in all circumstances, including those that are painful.

Producer Rafik George said: “A catalyst is an agent that prompts an action. That’s the purpose of the program to serve as a catalyst for youth to learn and take positive action. The spiritual segment helps young people learn a Christian worldview about life, which is especially important given the bombardment of unhealthy worldly messages on social media. Most importantly, the program is presented by youth for youth because they understand what young people like to hear.”

Connecting Generations

New programs on SAT-7 PARS and SAT-7 TÜRK are encouraging connection, understanding, and interaction between different generations.

Inner Revolution, a new SAT-7 PARS youth program produced in partnership with Christian media group IRRTV, features discussions between people of different generations. They cover different psychological and emotional challenges – from war and revolution to poverty and unemployment – that the different generations in Iran have experienced in recent decades, and how all these experiences have impacted their faith.

Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979 brought sweeping changes to the country that continue to affect the day-to-day lives of ordinary Iranians. The death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022 provoked widespread protests in the country that became a movement and nearly another revolution. But through Christian counseling and biblical teaching, viewers will learn that God is primarily concerned with one thing: an inner revolution of the heart.

Meanwhile on SAT-7 TÜRK, Stories for Grown-Ups is a social media program that will bring Turkish children and parents together through storytelling. Each episode starts with an enjoyable reading from a classic work of literature, such as the fables of La Fontaine and Aesop. Presenters Nisan Özlem and Gamze Özdemir then discuss the story’s meaning, explore connections with stories in the Bible, and relate it to their viewers’ daily life experiences. Stories for Grown-Ups will help viewers see how God’s love permeates everything and how we can experience Him through famous tales, our own life stories, and the narrative of the Bible.

Please pray that these new children’s and youth programs will impact many young lives as they go on air over the coming year.



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