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14th April 2022

“Easter teaches us how big Christ’s love for us is. Every day before you sleep, remember that Jesus loves you. He really loves you.” These words, from the child presenters of the SAT-7 KIDS program Bedtime Stories, are a touching example of the Easter messages SAT-7 is sharing in various ways across the Middle East.

SAT-7 KIDS will broadcast a special Easter episode of Bedtime Stories on Friday, April 15. Children watching will hear the Gospel message shared by their peers, as young presenter Jamie reads the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection to her friend Sako.

The program helps children understand both the mourning of Good Friday and the glory of Resurrection Sunday through an age-appropriate narrative. Sako ends with a prayer: “O Lord, I thank You for Your love for us and all You endured for our sake. Amen.”

Bedtime Stories is part of a slate of Arabic content sharing the Gospel message through teaching and worship. A special series of worship clips, entitled Hymns We Cherish, was filmed on location in Jordan, with hymns in a range of genres that speak to viewers’ hearts, including Jordanian folk arrangements.

Throughout Lent, SAT-7 ARABIC viewers have also been learning from a series called Hope in Times of Hardship. This series features a range of Christian leaders from various denominations teaching viewers a biblical view of suffering and hope, and interpreting examples from both the Old and New Testaments in light of the hope we have in the resurrection.

Several Arabic church services will be broadcast live to enable isolated believers to join their brothers and sisters in worship, including Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter services from Resurrection Church Beirut.

For Persian-speaking viewers, SAT-7 PARS will also air a one-hour Easter special, with three pastors teaching on the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection, along with Persian worship music.

SAT-7 TÜRK is also providing special Easter content for its viewers, including a Turkish version of the film The Gospel of Matthew.

On behalf of SAT-7, we would like to wish all our supporters and donors a very Happy Easter. Rita El-Mounayer, SAT-7 CEO, shared a special message:

This Holy Week, it may feel easy to identify with the sorrow of Good Friday. In the face of great human suffering, in Ukraine and elsewhere, in many ways it feels an appropriate time to weep, to grieve injustice and violence.

“But I can tell you from experience that there is no situation so dark that God cannot bring new life – that Sunday cannot come. SAT-7’s viewers in the Middle East frequently tell us of finding comfort, even spiritual growth, in the darkest of situations – from kidnapping in Syria to an endangered life under the Taliban. Please pray this Easter for all those who are suffering: for protection, for provision, and for the hope that only God can give.

“And may you too be filled anew this Easter with the glory of the hope we have in Jesus Christ – with the sheer wonder of the greatest love of all. May His love fill us; may it comfort us; may it bless us, this Easter and always.”



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