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7th February 2024

SAT-7 offers opportunities for believers to continue to grow in their faith. Through many resources, believers in the Middle East and North Africa do not have to walk their Christian journey alone.  

A man from Iran shares how happy he is after connecting with SAT-7: “While praying with you, I have really sensed the presence of God, and on that same night, the thing for which I was hoping and praying happened. I desire to continue growing, and I want to take part in the Zoom teaching sessions.”  

Unlike some believers in countries like Iran, this man is full of hope and happiness because of his growing faith. He said, “I am so happy that after a long time, I am once again growing and being renewed in my faith.” 

As a Christian in Iran, it is easy to feel alone, especially when these believers have spouses who do not believe. However, it did not stop this man from speaking to his wife about Jesus as well. “I have spoken with my wife to be in touch with the channel’s advisors and to hear about the Christian faith as well as looking at how we go forward in our married life,” he stated.

When a believer trusts in God’s plan for their life, new opportunities arise. These opportunities are directly related to the path God has chosen for them, even if that path seems confusing at times. He continued, “As I mentioned to you, I was offered a great job with a much bigger salary, but it would have meant that I would lose out on the teaching and fellowship in the Zoom classes. I was not at peace with that prospect, and I obeyed God to make Him the priority in my life, and I know that the Lord will bless me.”  

*Names of viewers have been changed for security, and image is representative.

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