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God’s Plan vs Short-term Satisfaction

11th April 2024

In the Middle East, some countries like Iran face financial hardships. Many of the citizens live below the poverty line. Therefore, when a financial opportunity like a job with a top salary comes available, it can be difficult to resist. 

Tahmaseb,* a SAT-7 viewer from Iran, writes, “It was suggested to me to apply for a job, and I would have been able to get a job with an excellent salary. When I filled out the application form where I had to write my ‘religion,’ I wrote ‘Christian/Protestant.’ 

Many Iranians want to do what is best for their family. This means providing financially to combat inflation and other economic hardships. However, believers like Tahmaseb are faced with prejudice when they declare their love for Jesus. 

He added, “The owner who appeared to be a religious man, laughed [at my application] and said, ‘If only you were a Muslim, with your experience and capabilities, you would go into management in the IT department and you would get an excellent salary. But we don’t employ Christians.’” 

During a disappointing moment, Tahmaseb didn’t choose to renounce his faith. Instead, he clung to Jesus, knowing there would be a better opportunity in his future. He added, “I was very disappointed and I said, ‘If I had known, I would never have set foot in such a place.’” 

It is difficult to walk away from financial stability. However, it is more difficult to walk away from God for the short-term pleasures of this world when we have eternity waiting for us. Holding strong to faith is the only response. 

*Names of viewers have been changed for security and image is representative.

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