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19th June 2023

It can be hard to understand exactly what it means and how it feels for Middle Eastern families who are forced to relocate. There is no substitute for hearing first-hand accounts, of course, which is why we have compiled the stories of some SAT-7 PARS viewers who have emigrated. We hope these testimonies will inform your prayers, strengthen your faith, and increase your compassion for migrants.

Some of our viewers get in touch to communicate the intensity of the struggle they are going through or the dangers they face. Abu-Mohammed from Afghanistan told us:

I have been following your programs for many years. I am from Afghanistan, and after the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban, my family and I secretly fled to Iran. But the problems here with having no documents and no work have made my life very difficult and even impossible. If I am sent back to Afghanistan, I will certainly be put to death because I was a university lecturer, and all my articles and teaching were against terrorist activity and promoted humane thinking. For these same reasons, a few of my former colleagues have been killed. We are a family of three and we really need to stay alive.”

Others write in to thank us for our programs and explain the ways in which they have been helped. Andisha from Afghanistan contacted us after the SAT-7 PARS show Insiders aired an episode on refugees in 2022. “Warm greetings to sister Sally and sister Hengameh on Insiders. I listened to your program about refugees, and it really helped me. Thank you for your excellent program, which helped me to have more peace. Please pray for my emigration.”

People like Shida from Türkiye tell us their story and pray with us. A member of our viewer support team recounted their conversation:

Shida and her daughter, who is now age 21, had to leave Iran four years ago to escape the persecution and the threat that was hanging over them. They have been in Türkiye ever since with no resolution to their situation and status. Shida is very alone, suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress, and she has become sick. When we spoke to her about the Word of God she became very quiet, and it was clear that she was drinking in the words almost like parched ground swallows up water. God’s Word had such a powerful impact on her that she began to cry and was filled with joy and peace. She gave thanks that God has not abandoned her, and once again her faith was restored and built up. We prayed and gave thanks together and have arranged to speak again whenever she needs it or has questions.”

We also receive enlightening comments from viewers who envision a better world for migrants. Rademan, an Afghan viewer of SAT-7 PARS’ children’s show Golpand, wrote to us recently. He said:

Greetings to you and all your lovely viewers – I hope you are happy and well. I am an Afghan boy, and I would like to ask you and all Iranian parents to tell all the people of Iran that Afghans are not bad people. Afghans have been coming to your country for many years, and maybe some of them have done bad things, but 90 percent of them are good and well-intentioned people who have been forced to leave their homeland by war, poverty, hunger and other such things. I ask you to speak about this briefly and pass this message to the honorable people of Iran.”


*Viewer names changed for security purposes.

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