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13th October 2023

“We are fasting and praying in our churches, and we are praying that the Lord’s hand would move and alter the circumstances so that people will see Jesus.” — SAT-7 viewer in the Holy Land.

Christians living in the Holy Land are uniting in prayer as war rages, the death toll rises, and the humanitarian situation deteriorates.

SAT-7’s Viewer Support Team has been reaching out to viewers in the territory since the outbreak of violence on Saturday (October 7) to check on their safety and to offer words of comfort and strength.

In response, one viewer sent this message: “The situation is dire. Because of sin, there have been numerous murders of people. The land where Jesus walked is trembling and moaning because of sin and the never-ending cascade of blood.”

Another said, “My children and I locked ourselves in our home, trembling at rocket sounds but finding peace in prayer and trusting in God’s love and protection. Please pray for us, SAT-7; we are having constant online prayer meetings to stay united and comforted.”

Christians are a small minority in the Holy Land, and many have emigrated in recent decades. Although precise figures are difficult to obtain, they are estimated to number some 1.8 percent of the total population, or around 260,000 people.

Prayers Across the Region

SAT-7 viewers from other parts of the Middle East and North Africa are sharing their prayers for the escalating situation. Young Iranian viewers of Church4Kids joined together in prayer for the Holy Land on Tuesday’s live episode. A regular caller, Siamak, prayed, “God, help all of the people in the war. I pray that there won’t be any more deaths.”

SAT-7’s Turkish viewers responded in the thousands to a Facebook post urging people to pray for peace in the Holy Land. Among the 1,400 comments and 7,700 likes, one viewer wrote, “May the Lord God multiply the seeds of mercy where there is violence, of peace where there is war, of love where there is hatred. May peace, tranquility, brotherhood, and love prevail all over the world.”

SAT-7 ARABIC’s live current affairs programs, Different Angle and You Are Not Alone, are covering the crisis in the Holy Land this week to hear from affected people. The latter, which broadcasts on Friday, will feature Rev. Dr. Jack Sara (President of Bethlehem Bible College), Salim Munayer (Executive Director and Founder of Musalaha Ministry of Reconciliation), a local journalist, and representatives from Doctors Without Borders.

Rami Al-Halaseh, Executive Director of SAT-7 ARABIC Channels and Digital Media, said: “Our priority is to promote peace and justice for all people. We are here to support humankind, people of all races and backgrounds, to make God’s love visible to them. We are committed to our promise to our viewers: to be there for them, especially in times of crisis, to receive their prayer requests, and to pray for them.”

The humanitarian situation is deteriorating rapidly. Tanas Alqassis, a member of SAT-7 UK’s Board of Trustees, is currently in Bethlehem. “People are panicking here, partly because of the shortage of fuel and food,” he said. “Please keep praying for the situation, for calmness, and for the international community to do something.”

Please pray:

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