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29th January 2024

A new program on SAT-7 ARABIC is giving a platform for Christian leaders and influencers to be vulnerable about their struggles and share how God’s grace has helped them overcome trials.

My Life Journey is a weekly live program that started broadcasting in mid-December. As well as airing on SAT-7 ARABIC, it is available on Facebook and YouTube, and on the SAT-7 PLUS streaming service. It is quickly building up a strong following with thousands of views on social media and positive viewer engagement.

“All of the guests are very successful people – doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, worship leaders – but they share how they have gone through challenges and how Jesus has helped them to turn these challenges into life lessons and victories,” said the show’s presenter, Marianne Awaraji. “Each guest has something special to talk about.”

Overcoming Abuse

Guests so far have included Rev. Fadi Jandah, who suffered sexual harassment at a young age by a church leader. He not only forgave the perpetrator but also paid for his therapy sessions.

“It had a negative effect on my life,” he said. “I can share this experience now because I went through a process of reconciliation to be able to overcome it. I always pray for that person. This experience had caused me great pain, and to overcome it, I went through a path of healing with the Lord and therapy. It wasn’t easy. I worked for a whole summer and used my wages to pay for that person to get therapy.”

Jandah was raised in a Christian family and had faith in the Lord. His childhood was not easy: he had to start working at 12 years old because his mother was ill and his family needed extra financial support. His faith helped him overcome many challenges and traumas, including the loss of his mother in a car accident.

“Peter almost drowned because of his lack of faith. I remember how in many situations I almost drowned, but the Lord saved me like Peter,” said Jandah. “What helps me continue in this life despite my weaknesses and fear is my faith in the Lord, which gives me renewal and hope every day.”

Building Community

My Life Journey is not intended as just a program for people to watch, but also a community in which viewers can participate and engage. People are invited to share their prayer requests, seek biblical guidance from the show’s guests, and connect with other viewers. A WhatsApp group has been set up for people to join and is already seeing deep engagement.

One participant, Malak, said, “I sincerely appreciate you creating the WhatsApp group for My Life Journey. I needed to connect with people who love God and encourage others to draw closer to Him. I am so grateful for your wonderful heart and lovely soul.”

Worship is also a core part of the program, and talented singers and songwriters are invited to send in their worship songs to be shared on air.

Moving Stories

Tears are often shed on My Life Journey as guests share moving stories of hardship and loss. Rando Harvey, a Christian influencer from Egypt, cried on air as he talked about the death of his father. “He set such a powerful example, showing that men can talk openly, be vulnerable, and show emotion,” said Marianne.

Tamar Zananiri, a Jordanian hymn singer, shared on the program about the loss of her mother, who had been a role-model of faith as she was growing up.

“I remember one morning before going to school, we didn’t have milk and mom prayed to the Lord saying, ‘These are your children; where can we get milk for them to drink?’ Before she finished her sentence our neighbor came in with a pitcher of fresh milk from the farm for us. At that moment, mom knelt on the floor in prayer. I cannot forget such moments when the Lord did miracles for us.”

Tamar, a lead singer in her church and mother of two toddlers, believes in the importance of setting aside time for prayer and devotion every day to listen to the Word of God. With tears in her eyes, Tamar shared how God spoke to her with words of comfort through the Bible and through hearing a hymn the day her mother passed away.

“God speaks to me every day through His Word about my day,” said Tamar, “and every time I was with her during her cancer treatment, I would get a message from the Lord. One day there was a message about death, and it was the day she passed away.”

The stories shared on My Life Journey are clearly making an impact. One viewer, Hadi, commented, “God bless you, Marianne, this is a really great program with lots of inspiring stories and powerful testimonies. I appreciate this program very much. I suggest that everyone watch – it’s really good!”

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