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10th July 2024

A recent episode of the SAT-7 ARABIC program You Are Not Alone highlighted stories of viewers whose lives have been transformed through SAT-7’s ministry. From a young woman who was abused as a child but learned to love others to a mother who found peace after attempting suicide, their testimonies show how God is at work in the lives of people across the Arab world.

Maha from Jordan: “SAT-7 Cares About Me”

Maha, a young woman from Jordan, bravely shared on SAT-7 how she overcame sexual abuse by her father as a child. She said she wanted to tell her story “to witness to the great thing that the Lord did in my life.”

The abuse started when Maha was only seven, and at first she “thought it was normal.” But as she got older, Maha started to realize it was not right and prayed to God for it to end. “It stopped miraculously,” she said. Maha shared how she experienced the Lord’s healing and was able to forgive her father, even though he never apologized for what he did.

Maha first called in to the SAT-7 ARABIC program My Life Journey to share her experience, and later took part in the You Are Not Alone episode to explain what happened after that. SAT-7’s Viewer Support team followed up with her. She explained, “The counselor who talked to me was very helpful. She supported me with her prayers and answered my questions. She helped me a lot to understand things better.”

Maha was not expecting such love from our Viewer Support Team. “SAT‑7 cares about me; that’s what I experienced,” she said. “I was surprised that someone who doesn’t know me was willing to help me, follow up with me emotionally and spiritually, and pray with me. They made me feel loved.”

Maha now feels inspired to love others in a new way. “This gave me a new dimension to serving others. I want to reach out to people outside of my community. There are a lot of people in need.”

Antoinette from Syria: “SAT-7 Gave Me Peace”

Antoinette is a mother from Syria with a difficult past. After encountering God’s love through SAT-7’s programs, things started to change for her.

“Before SAT-7, I was unwell,” she explains. “I even attempted suicide. My life was difficult. My husband had a bad back and we didn’t do well financially. We lived in Syria.”

Antoinnete Blog

Antionette from Syria: “SAT-7 gave me peace”


Taking her children to church became too difficult for Antoinette, who began staying at home instead. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because her pastor suggested she watch the service, which was broadcast live on SAT-7, at home. “Since then, I would have the channel on all day long. My husband got irritated and changed the channel, but I would change it back when he went to bed. The kids liked SAT-7 KIDS a lot. They watched many programs on it.”

Antoinette was not only learning about the Bible; she was also growing in faith and developing a deeper relationship with the Lord.

“SAT-7 gave me peace. SAT-7 taught me love, who God is, and how to endure pain. I listened to praise and worship on SAT-7, and sermons while I was working in the kitchen. I felt I was in heaven during that time. SAT-7 planted the Word of God in my heart.”

Omayma from Tunisia: “SAT-7 Reminds Me I’m Not Alone”

Omayma from Tunisia has been following SAT-7’s programs since childhood and has always been comforted by SAT-7’s presence in her life.

“I became a believer in 2012,” she said. “I was young and couldn’t go to a church or fellowship with believers. So I watched SAT-7 KIDS. When I am alone and there’s no one from the church to fellowship with me, I go to SAT-7. It reminds me that I am not alone, and there are believers who remind me of the Word of God.”

Omayma is thankful for how SAT-7 implants the Word of God in the hearts of its viewers. “The Word of God is very powerful,” she said. “SAT‑7 is based on the Word of God. It is not just a channel that broadcasts programs. Through it I hear the Word of God.”

Omayma can see that the ministry is finding new ways to reach younger generations. “Not many channels can address youth now. I haven’t seen a channel as effective as SAT-7. The SAT-7 PLUS app on the phone is useful. I use it on my way to work to listen to programs. I feel SAT‑7 is present with me all the time.”

Bassel from Lebanon: “The Programs Led Me Closer to Jesus”

Bassel Kanso is a pastor from Lebanon who stumbled upon SAT-7’s programs as a young child and felt like he had “found a treasure.”

“Each program was interesting,” he said. “They were talking about the Bible and the life of Jesus Christ. I wanted to hear this. The programs explained Jesus and led me closer to Him. I realized He is with me. He talks to me through the television. He is my friend and understands my pain and weakness. This helped me in my spiritual journey.”

Bassel Kanso Blog

Basel Kanso, pastor from Lebanon: “The programs led me closer to Jesus”


Bassel is now trying to help other children benefit from SAT-7 programs in the same way he once did. “I encourage my children to watch SAT7 KIDS and encourage the church to show it to the kids to help them develop spiritually.”

Bassel had a word of encouragement for those involved with SAT-7: “Please don’t stop what you are doing. Don’t stop spreading the word of God… You are not just a channel for entertainment, or for profit, but the role you are playing is right at the heart of the will of God, to witness to the Gospel and spread His Kingdom.”

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A recent episode of the SAT-7 ARABIC program You Are Not Alone highlighted stories of viewers...
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