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23rd October 2023

SAT-7 has launched a prayer campaign involving church leaders from across the Middle East as violence in the Holy Land threatens to spread throughout the region. 

Angry protests have erupted in Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco, and Iran following the strike on the Anglican-supported Al-Ahli Hospital on Tuesday (October 17).

Rami Al-Halaseh, Executive Director of SAT-7 ARABIC Channels and Digital Media, said that prayers from church leaders of all denominations who are on the ground amid all this turmoil in every part of the region will “flood our broadcasts on satellite television and social media, while our Audience Relations Team is in direct contact with local churches and people on the ground.”

He continued, “We are here to be a strong and clear voice for the Church in the Middle East and North Africa, to promote peace and justice. We believe in the power of prayer, in the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Author of Peace, to intervene and send His mercy.”

The strike on Al-Ahli Hospital has shocked the Christian community in the Holy Land. Many displaced Christian families had been sheltering within the hospital’s grounds, believing it to be a place of safety, and so were among the hundreds killed in the blast.

“Constantly Praying”

SAT-7 ARABIC’s Viewer Support Team is in direct contact with Christians in the Holy Land, offering prayer and comfort. A young viewer who has additional needs and lives with her grandmother in a home for the elderly sent this message:

“I’m doing well, but it’s a very frightening situation. I’m constantly praying, and what brings me comfort is knowing that God is with us through it all. Please keep us in your prayers, that this war may come to an end, and that the suffering and loss of people can stop.”

One viewer shared that their church is “constantly in prayer,” while another church group said that hardly anyone used to attend their meetings, but since the latest outbreak of violence, “it is full every day,” and those who cannot physically attend join online to pray. One of the group’s members said, “Thank you for your prayers; you are a big blessing to us and the people here. Please pray that this war ends, because it is draining on all levels, and we can’t take this anymore.”

SAT-7 staff in Jordan and Lebanon have reported large-scale protests in their local areas, with road closures and flight cancellations adding to a growing sense of tension. Maroun Bou Rached, SAT-7 Lebanon Director, said, “We are worried that this conflict may spread, but we hope and pray for a peaceful resolution.”

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