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23rd July 2021

Partnership with Eternal Impact

SAT-7 Partners are churches or organizations that commit to collaboratively supporting SAT-7’s work. These partners often provide expertise, seconded staff, and other resources. SAT-7 Partners gather annually to receive a personal update about our work, discuss goals and elect members to serve on our International Council. A Partner contributes a minimum donation of $15,000 per year.

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) logoLutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) exemplifies this win-win partnership model in collaborative ministry to advance mutual interests and goals of both organizations in joint consultation. Together, they articulate and plan the program production project, working from pre-planning to production. LHM is raising resources as if it is their program while outsourcing production to their close proximity Middle East partner, SAT-7, for appropriate and culturally sensitive production. In North America, it is recognized as an LHM production, while distribution is through an established Middle East broadcaster. Millions of viewers in the Middle East and North Africa see the program as vital to their continued Christian growth and maturity.

“It is absolutely amazing what you can get done if you don’t care who gets the credit!” – Ron Cline, Global Ambassador for Reach Beyond, Great Commission Forum, NRB 2021

SAT-7 is looking for individuals, churches, and organizations who share our vision for making God’s love visible across the region and want to partner with us in that work. Visit https://sat7usa.org/get-involved/ to learn more.

SAT-7 Associates

SAT-7 Associates are individuals or groups who commit to contributing to our work with a minimum donation of $1,000 per year. In addition, SAT-7 Associates are invited annually to meet and discuss the organization’s goals, and, as a group, Associates can appoint two voting members to the SAT-7 Partnership Council.

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